Monday, January 4, 2010

Back from the blogging break

The break which I must declare was not of my own making. Just before christmas my laptop died - as in I was using it in the evening, woke up the next morning and it just wouldn't turn on ;-( According to Asus, 3 weeks later, the entire power system had to be replaced. It's at this point that I am extremely glad I purchased extra warranty!!

So much has happened I'm not really sure where to start....

Graduation was on the 15th of December and it all went swimmingly - the dress was lovely, shoes were looking hot if I do say so myself!! The gown was hot & itchy and the hat refused to stay on but I had a great evening celebrating the achievement with my dearest uni friend and of course with the family. Dinner out afterwards was nice but it ended up being a very long night!! Kudos & thanks to my sister for looking after the small people for the night which made it even easier & stress free for me!! Graduation involved pressies too which was rather unexpected. Mum & Dad paid for my quilting of the very appropriately named Graduation quilt, the other half gave a gorgeous freshwater pearl & Swarovski crystal necklace and Nanna got me a very practical card swiper thingie engraved with my name & graduation date on it. I was feeling very spoilt!!

Birthday was OK - I spent it in Tamworth with Nanna. Quiet lunch out. Nothing to write home about.

Christmas was lovely - the kidlets got major spoilt but it's okay because it is christmas, they are grandparents and according to my mother 'that's my job!'. I got a really lovely sapphire & diamond ring from my folks, a gift voucher from dad, perfume, wall hangings & CD from the other half, towels and an assortment of other very useful and practical gifts!

New Years - Was spent at my darling friends with lots of wine, a load of laughs, board games, wine, food, conversation, wine, kidlets, wine. We had so much fun we almost missed the main event but watched the fireworks on telly & from their balcony and then soon after crashed into bed.

And so here we are ;-) Will post piccies when I finally find the camera cord & will update the crafting news as well - there has been much productivity lately!

Just as a complete side note I'm off to have pancakes for dinner. Personally I can't go past lemon & sugar but it must be freshly squeezed lemon, none of the in-the-bottle stuff. What about you?? What's your fave pancake topping/combo??


Kelly said...

Yum! I've had pancakes on the brain recently too! :)

My Dad used to make plain pancakes and we used to have freshly squeezed lemon and sugar as well - scrummo! If I'm not making the pancakes though, I love the cheese and potato pancake at the Pancake Parlour. When I was much younger I used to crave the Mouses Cheese Pleaser. :)

Trudi said...

I used to use the bottled stuff (mum used it) but can now only make them if I have real lemons. Anything with lemons in it gives me a craving for pancakes.

Mrs B said...

that is the ONLY way to eat pancakes ;) And no bottled stuff for me either thanks.

So glad to see you back online. Love the graduation photos too. You are looking very spunky there Sweet!!

Can't wait to see the next crafting installment too! The bug has bitten here at the moment a little bit. Need to get moving on it all :)

Melissa Searle said...

Come on bec? Seriously, pancakes for dinner?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? LOL :) Just kiddin, sounds yum! My fav toppings would be maple syrup and ice cream. Yummy. :) Or blueberries and ice cream, also yummy. But the ole lemon and sugar is great, too!