Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sewing with a plan

I've been sewing a bit for myself lately but have realised that I see a fabric, think 'that's cute', buy it and make it into something but nothing in my wardrobe actually co-ordinates! Argh!!
So I've been researching different 'systems' of wardrobe planning.

Firstly the 'capsule' model as described here... I like it but it doesn't really suit 'me' because I rarely go out and mostly it's just me bumming around the house with the kidlets although there is the occasional lunch out... and I definitely have no need for suits/office attire.

Then there is this plan which I get because it's in stages so you can gradually add to the wardrobe and there are different items for the different seasons. Downfall? I'm also not so keen on having an ENTIRE wardrobe of only three colours. I get bored easily and I could see this happening rather quickly!

I thought this plan has a few good ideas in it as well - there are some common themes - picking a neutral base from which everything else stems etc. I'm embarking on tip number 7 this afternoon - taking EVERYTHING out of the wardrobe and sorting/organising what fits/what I wear and all that jazz. Then I can start really working out what I need/want.

A common thread in these plans is to have basic colour themes and looking through some of the stuff I already have I'm thinking denim/black as my base with red/teal/purple/grey as my 'accents'. I've still got a little voucher money left (thanks dad!!) from christmas so I might just be going out this afternoon to do a little shopping. Do you plan your wardrobe?? I'd love to hear from you if you do - how do you do it? Is it successful? what model/plan works for you?


nettie said...

Gosh, Bec, you've been doing all my research for me! With my grand idea to make ALL my own clothes, I realised that I too would need a plan. I have been hunting the internet for templates to little avail. I think that I will just start a notebook with ideas and pictures. This could be a suitable means whether you're buying or making. At least it gives some focus for what to look out for.

Hmmm, sounds like a good SnB discussion to me!

Melissa said...

I'm having a SNAP moment as well. I was just thinking I needed to approach my clothes buying/making with a bit more thought and now you've pointed me in the right direction. thanks.

Mrs B said...

oh dear, I have NO plan when it comes to my wardrobe. Once the Belly Babe is on the outside I think i'll be doing the same, taking apart my wardrobe and working out what is what etc.

And yes, just like Nettie said, give some focus on what to look out for.

kimberly said...

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