Sunday, January 17, 2010

My perfect Sunday is...

... spending the morning cleaning and sorting the mountain of stuff lying around our place that we no longer want or need.

... dropping off 4 black bags to the Salvos

... sending yarn to a new house where it is sure to be loved and used ;-) and to see a lovely lady who is gentle and kind with my children and who has a record player - too cool!

... seeing another friend and dropping off fabric for her to create with while watching our beautiful children play and create together

... catching up with the extended family

... and finally...

... nachos, skittles & a movie with the smalls. Perfect? Much!


Kuka said...

sounds like loads of fun!!
I got the Pinocchio dvd for Christmas!!

Mrs B said...

What a great day!!

Our evening was similar to yours. It involved spaghetti bolognaise, smarties and Up! hehe

Here's to more wonderful days like this one :)

Melissa said...

What a perfect day. What was your movie? We watched Despereaux on hire DVD and were so impressed. A tad scary perhaps for really littlies but 8 and 12 thought it was great.

happyspider said...

Like it's hard to be nice to your kids! they both have just the sweetest natures :)