Thursday, September 4, 2008

Welcome back mojo!

After all the recent knitting disasters in my life I feel like I need to take a leaf out of Izaak's book and have some quiet reflection or Charlotte's book and blame it all on someone else (apparently her doll did a wee on the floor, not her! lol!).... Then I had some time on my hands because.... wait for it..... my two little lovelies happily played together for more than an hour the other night. It was so lovely to see them interacting, sharing, chatting and just being really sweet to each other. They don't fight that much but given we live in a little space when they do turn it on it's pretty feral. Apparently they were making a movie... well that's what they told me anyway!

So I decided to take the opportunity and cast on a new little something. It needed to be quick, easy and destined not to fail and I don't think I've done too bad....

This is the kids seamless sweater pattern by Shellee Floyd. I really like her designs for kids - simple, not fussy and no seams! The yarn is Panda Concorde which I got for $2 a ball at Big W - not too bad for $6 I say. I cast on 70 (pattern is for 60) because I'm such a tight knitter and I also added a few increase rounds into the body because Charlotte still has quite a pot belly. I could have gone up a needle size but I haven't washed it yet so it might grow a bit yet. I'll definitely be doing more of these and I've got some Bamboozle in the stash which quite likely will become one of these. Next time I'll make the body a smidge longer and a smidge wider to accomodate the big belly.

On the uni front all is travelling well. I'm actually in front with my assignments because we're off to hospital on Monday and I know I won't get any work done while the little miss is off so I've tried to do a bit in advance. I actually feel like I'm on top of things at the moment. Prac is going well. I'm really enjoying it and the last 2 weeks I feel like I've found my feet. Thank goodness!

On the family front - we're off to the snow on Saturday and then a family lunch for Fathers day on Sunday. Monday we're off to surgery (well Charlotte is, I'll be pacing the hall at the hospital), Wednesday is little misters birthday - I can't believe that he is going to be seven. Where did that time go?? Thusday is an integration meeting to talk about Izaak and his future schooling - there is a possibility that a place is coming up at the Autism unit but I'm not sure if I'm going to move him or keep him where he is happy, well accepted and doing really well. Charlotte has finally gotten the hang of her spacer as well so medicating her has been heaps easier in the past few days. It feels like so many things are coming together (in a positive way) at the moment - I hope that it can last a little bit longer. Fingers crossed.


Bells said...

oh isn't Dolly naughty!!! Weeing on the floor. Bad dollie.

That little top is gorgeous!! Nice work.

All the best for Charlotte for next week. Will be thinking of you all and looking out for updates.

Bec said...

You'll have an update before we go - we're all heading up to the snow on Saturday so I'm sure there will be some *interesting* piccies from that little adventure!!

sue said...

She looks so cute in her beautiful top. Lovely color too. I wish my kids would get along more often, they seem to fight nearly all the time.

Michelle said...

Let me know if you need sanity while waiting at the hospital. I'm happy to come and pace with you.

The top is just beautiful. That Panda Concorde is the best! I love it and I wish I'd bought more of it.

Tell Izaak that the frogs haven't made any noise yet, but I'm sure they'll be up to mischief soon. We have lots of big tadpoles in the pond.

Trudi said...

Bugger, I have the day off on Monday so won't be in theatres. I might come in anyway to distract you. I'll check the theatre list for approx times tonight and try to plan my visit to suit.

The Mad_House said...

The little top is just gorgeous!
Lovely pics of the two kids playing nicely together.

Hope all goes well on Monday with Charlotte Bec :)

Jejune said...

Gorgeous top!

It's great when they play together nicely, isn't it?

Good luck next week at the hospital!