Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank you

Thank you so much to everyone who sent us messages and thought of us during Charlotte's surgery this week.

Our hospital trip went as well as expected and she is now recovering. Still not back to my usual happy little lady but she has moments of sunshine before the pain kicks in and she is unhappy then for a while until the pain relief kicks in. Another week or so though and she should be 100% recovered. I think the biggest thing so far is that she doesn't snore anymore. Which means I'm not sleeping very well because before the op I knew that she was OK because I could hear the snoring but now I seem to be waking quite frequently and checking to make sure she's still breathing!

The facilities were not what I was expecting for more than $1500 a night but the staff were faultless. The theatre nurse who did the hand overs words were most accurate when she said "Charlotte has come out of the anaesthetic quite..... anti-socially...." and the staff just took it all in their stride to comfort both of us. They were all fantastic and definitely made the stay as good as could be expected.


Michelle said...

Am so glad that everything went alright.

I was very anti-social after my anaesthetic too. It's like your dark side comes to the fore!

Bells said...

Was thinking of you lots! Glad to hear recovery is happening. I'm sure she's getting tonnes of love and care and comfort.

The Mad_House said...

Glad all went well Bec!
LOL @ "anti socially"
Enjoy learning to sleep without the background noise! ;)

Bells said...

I also realised today that the text message I sent you would not have got through because I hadn't changed over to your new number yet!

Jejune said...

Very glad to hear it all went smoothly, and she's on the road to recovery. Good luck learning to sleep through the night :)