Saturday, September 6, 2008

Knitting Progress

What a productive day yesterday - I think my mojo may be back.

I had a few random bits of Noro laying around from other half finished and fully finished projects so I balled it all up and decided I needed to do something with it.While I really like the Edgar my laziness had stopped me casting it on because it looked too hard and I hadn't read the pattern through. Last night I did and it is SO much easier than it looks! I'm not sure how much yarn I've got or how many repeats I'll get through but I'm hoping at least 12. I've done 6 so far and I'm really like the colour changes - luckily too the balls I have are all from similar colourways so I've joined bits here and there where the same colourway is happening.

Now my dilemma is whether to thoroughly love and adore this one for myself or be super efficient and organised and gift this to my sister fr christmas. She loves scarves and has quite a few. The thing is that she really doesn't understand or appreciate the time that goes into a handknit item and I'm fairly sure that it will get tossed into the washing machine at some point.

Take 2 of Charlotte's rainbow dress is coming along beautifully as well. Last night I cast on with the black and got the shoulders off. Today's aim is to get the bodice finished and start on the skirt. I'm thinking that when this is finished I could duplicate stitch a heart with the rainbow yarn onto the bodice. Will contemplate that later though... The black yarn is Carnival Soft 8ply acrylic and while I'm not generally an acrylic fan this stuff is really quite nice and my fingers aren't icky from knitting with it so definitely a good choice.

We're heading off to the Carillion for a family picnic today for fathers day and the kidlets are excited about getting a chance to ride their bikes. I'm excited about getting out of the house and away from the mounting housework and washing! I'm also thankful for the distraction. I'm nervous/terrified about tomorrow. I know that Ts&As really isn't a big thing. Hundreds of kids have them out every year but it's something about my wonderful, darling little honey being put to sleep and having machines breath for her while pieces of her body are being removed that makes me nervous. All my education is saying that things will be fine but it's that old head vs heart thing. I know it will be OK but I'm still really really nervous about the whole thing. I know that it needs to be done and it will make life better for all of us but now I just wish that it was over and done with - I'm not good at waiting, never have been so I know that today and tomorrow morning are just going to drag on and on and on. Hopefully I'll get loads of knitting done!

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Trudi said...

I won't be able to visit tomorrow, am babysitting my croupy niece who is not allowed to go to childcare - good thing I have the day off.

I checked who is looking after you, you have a great anaesthetic team, both the Dr and the nurse are hugely experienced with kids. I told Della you were coming, and that she could recruit you to work in theatre when you have finished your degree!

Good luck.