Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Wow! A nomination and a tag all in the same week - I am feeling loved!

Georgie has tagged me for a meme so here goes.... seven random thoughts about me

1 - Charlotte is having her surname changed at the moment and I seriously, seriously thought about changing her whole name. I always liked Jorja for her but her dad didn't. Now that isn't an issue so I did think about changing it. Perhaps trying to undo almost 3 years of life with one name and trying to convince her she was/is someone else didn't seem worth it.

2 - I was trusted with looking after my mum's fish when she went on holidays about 2 years ago. For the first few days I remembered to go and feed them then life got crazy and I totally forgot. The day before she came home I went over and the poor little thing was dead. I got worried. So I went to the pet shop and bought a replacement and hoped for the best. The replacement fish died last week and she commented on how long he had lasted - she never cottoned on!!

3 - My 2nd toe is longer than my big toe. We're not talking a little bit either but a really big bit.

4 - I absolutely can not sleep if my feet are covered. I feel like I'm suffocating and I have nightmares if I do. I freeze in winter though so I have an electric blanket, sheets, blanket and doona on the bed with my toes sticking out the end. Comfy.

5 - I can't remember the last time that I went to the movies and saw something that wasn't animated. It seems these days I only go when I'm taking the kids to see something. This is something that really needs to be rectified.

6 - I *have* to wear matching underwear. It feels weird if I'm not.

7 - Something very very exciting is happening on Saturday night. Not sure how much I want to say but I'm excited. And going frock shopping. And having my eyebrows waxed. That hasn't happened in years but I'm hoping it will be worth it ;-)

Now for seven people that I'd love to know more about....
  1. Dyelicious
  2. tiKKi
  3. Quilting Mick
  4. Dee
  5. Trudi
  6. Keely
  7. Susu

Looking forward to seeing how others respond to this.

Now I'm really really going to go and do some knitting and cleaning ;-)


knitting sprouts said...

love the goldfish story. We had to mind my mum's budgies once (she has 100 of them) and my sister was in charge of feeding. She swears she took care of them but after one cold night 73 were dead and mum was coming home that night. You can guess the rest!

Michelle said...

Miss Bec, do you have a (whisper)*date*? Exciting!

That's too funny about the goldfish. Really funny.

I did this meme months ago so I'll abstain, thanks!

Georgie said...

Heavens, I dont even *own* any matching underwear! Oh, I lie - my wedding day set.

Ummm...does your mum read your blog?

The Mad_House said...

LOL talk about confessions! :p ;)
Was a great read Bec .
Thanks for tagging me...I've finished it now! (was scary!!)
BTW- you can change the name in my link on your post if you like to my name ;)

xx Sarnia