Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Izaak

I can't believe that my little man turned 7 today!

7 years ago I arrived at the delivery suite to be induced because I was overdue (41+5) and was obviously carrying quite a big baby. Induction didn't do anything for me and after an epidural plus quite a few hours with the drip in I was 10cm and ready to deliver but it was not to be. Wheeled into surgery an hour or so later and my little man was born into the world.

He was a lovely, calm, placcid little baby who wasn't fazed by anything and would always love a game. He grew into a happy little toddler who loved to play and was always busy doing something although was capable of a wicked tantrum or two when he thought there was a need. He was diagnosed with autism and it was possibly the most devastating day of my life. While we knew that something was wrong having it confirmed and given a name was awful - I grieved (and still do) the boy/man that I will never have and I worry about his future but for now he is a loving, happy little man who loves cartoons & movies. He's making leaps and bounds at school and doing well socially as well as academically. He's my best buddy and I hope that we'll always be close and a really important part of each others lives.

I made a cake for the little lovely to take to school. I think I did an OK job too! The piccie from the book...
and my version - of course he wanted a green cake!...
I didn't have any pipe cleaners so they turned into bugs stuck in the webs instead. The kidlets didn't seem to mind and Izaak seemed to enjoy himself.

We've got a family dinner tonight and present time so he's rather excited! He got to choose whatever he wanted for dinner so I'm picturing having to eat Maccas or something equally disgusting for dinner when he decides that lasagna is what he wants. So I'm off to bake anothr cake and get the lasagna into the oven.
Happy birthday Izaak! You make me feel so much - worry, happiness, laughter, joy, frustration, anger, love, excitement, pride - and I feel so blessed that I'm your mum. I look forward to our years ahead and my role in helping and watching you develop into a responsible, loving, wonderful member of our family. Love ya buddy!


Bells said...

More than ok Bec! It looks wonderful. Great job!

And a very, very happy birthday to Izaak!

Georgie said...

Great work on the cake!

Happy Birthday Izaak! Hope you enjoy youe special day - and the lasagne!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Izaak! Lucky you, getting a cake looking like that!

(PS. The frogs are back at night, but not during the day yet. Soon!)

The Mad_House said...

Happy Birthday Izaak!...and great job on the cake Bec!
Looks awesome :)