Sunday, July 13, 2008

Green thumb for me, Red nose for the little one!

Today was Charlotte's first day back at daycare after 2 weeks away - 1 week when she was sick and the second week when we were away so she was apprehensive but excited at seeing her friends. I dropped her off at 10am - 11:15 her family daycarer rang to tell me that Charlotte had fallen off the step at the back of the house and landed on her face, was bleeding and very upset. I went to pick her up and once she settled down and I got a good look at her I couldn't help but giggle - check out the splat marks on the forehead and nose and yet she's still smiling.
Visiting my grandma has also inspired me to try and get some greenery into my life again. In the past my gardening skills have swung between really great and horrific but I've always wanted a lemon tree and haven't ever had one so today Izaak and I went for a look at Bunnings. I found a lovely little tree and a few other things too. I'd love to be able to grow what we eat at least some of the time although it is really hard because I literally have nowhere to garden and I rent so I want to be able to take things with me when I go. Late last year I found a display in a shop that was closing down that I thought would make a good hat/coat/bag stand but which really wasn't suitable but is just perfect for hanging pots. Hanging pots, I've decided, are going to be my best friends - they'll allow me to have plants but I can take them with me and no chance of Stuart being able to eat things he shouldn't because they'll be up off the ground.

So I've now got my wonderful lemon tree, broccoli, strawberries, lettuce, carrots, parsley and Izaaks choice - sunflowers - in pots. Nanna is doubtful as to how some of these will cope in pots but we'll just wander along and see what happens. If anyone out there is a successful, experienced pot-grower (ie growing things in pots, not marijuana thanks ;-)) I'd love to hear what works/doesn't. The kids of course had a ball helping out with the planting as well...

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Bells said...

Good work! I gardened in pots for years while I rented. I have a book all about it I'll show you if you like!