Sunday, July 27, 2008

She's done!

Helena is finished! Well, buttons aren't on - I don't actually have any buttons yet but all the knitting, weaving in of ends etc is done and I'm really happy with how she's come out. The picking up of stitches for the button band wasn't perfect but I have learned lots in doing this project.
When I find the camera I'll take some piccies but I just wanted to say HHHOOORRRAAYY - 1 thing of the WIP list and I've frogged clappy today too so am on track with managing the list. It actally seems quite strange not to have anything big in the WIP list. I've got a 2 hour break between lectures on Mondays so tomorrow I'll cast on Mrs Toone's clappy again and make it my uni knitting project.

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Michelle said...

yay for finishing!