Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SUCCESS - on many fronts...

Fan-bloody-tastic day today!
Called and booked the EEG that the doctors want Charlotte to have because of her seizures and they can fit us in right when the doctor wanted it done so that was great.
I also called the ENT surgeon - we're now going to see him on the 22nd of July. I'm hoping that soon after that she will be scheduled for the surgery but of course all this depends on finances. I can't afford private health cover and the public waiting list is over 18 months and she is a relatively high category because of the sleep apnoea so I'm not keen on waiting that long. Luckily I have amazing parents and a wonderful grandmother who has offered to help pay for her to have the surgery privately. It's when the little people are sick that I really feel the pinch of single parenting. Watching your 2 year old daughter have a seizure is awful but having no-one there to back me up or just watch her for a while so I can have a break/go to the toilet/get a drink/food is frustrating and tiring. This isn't how it was suppose to be. Enough of the whinging.
I finished my Aussie Swap today which is another WIP off the list now ;-)
I still can't get the gauge right for Helena so I cast on a beanie for mum that she's been waiting for since the OBDM yarn day and have got about a third of it done ;-)

The little people and I are heading off on Friday to my grandma's for a break. I need one. Desperately.

So much yarn, needles, fabric, patterns & WIPs will be packed and hopefully I'll get some 'work' done while I'm down there and hopefully it won't be as cold down there as it is here. Yesterday the BOM had the apparent temp at -3.3 at 11:00am - just a wee bit chilly! Nan has a wood fire so we'll be going with a bag of marshmallows to toast - yummo!

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