Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hooray! 50 posts! Boohoo! Back to uni....

50 posts!
This blog has become somewhat of a therapist for me - somewhere to vent, celebrate and everything inbetween! I'm not someone who copes well on my own and I haven't had too until 18 months ago but slowly and surely I'm learning that I'm an OK person and that my own company isn't that bad. I still resent the way things are and how I got to be where I am but on the whole I'm a happy, well adjusted *well, almost well adjusted!* woman who is proud to be who and where she is. Well, most days anyway!

First day back at uni today. Uni lectures + 6 year old = disaster! He had his Ninetendo but I forgot the earphones so we had a battle over the sound of the game and in the end came home so I only managed to get through one lecture. My previous horror at assessment starting in week four has been trumped by absolute terror - I have an assignment due next week - week bloody two!

Child and adolescent health looks like it's going to be quite good and I'm really pleased that I've got the paeds placement because the assessment is a case study so it will be easy (I hope!) to link between my clinical experience and the case studies. The other two look OK too from the look of the unit outlines which is all I can go off.

I felted the slipper at mums on the weekend and I almost felted it too much! It fits and it's soooo warm and toasty. I've got a renewed motivation to finish the second one now although the WIPs are getting a little bit out of control so I'm hoping to get it back in order by the end of the month.
The latest swap over at woolaholics is themed - something new - so it has to be a project using a new technique not tried before. I've got a few ideas floating around and a few patterns bookmarked so I'm looking forward to the challenge of something new and different. My swap partner at Rav also got her parcel so that's one less thing to worry about!

Kidlets are all fine and good and dandy. Charlotte is off to the surgeon tomorrow so hopefully the news will be good and Izaak is back to school tomorrow which I'm really pleased about. 3 weeks off has been too long for him and we're both getting on each others nerves. We did go to the movies last week to see Narnia which was OK - not brilliant but good. School holidays are great but going back to school is fantastic too!


Michelle said...

I think that not only are you good company, you're pretty bloody fantastic all round.

Yay for 50 posts! Yay for Izaak going back to school tomorrow! Hope it all goes well at the Paed tomorrow. Hopefully see you tomorrow night at SnB?

Bells said...

I'm so glad blogging is working for you. It's a wonderful creative outlet isn't it?