Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ever had one of 'those' evenings?

Where you end up so frustrated that nothing gets done?

After the events of recent days and unwell little people I decided last night that I needed a few hours of ME time after the munchkins went to bed so I sat down to work on V2 of Mrs Toone's clappy. Did the set-up rows & first repeat of the straight rows before I realise I've made the same bloody mistake again! Frog it and re-ball the Noro (which, by the way, I think is going to be the most perfect colourway for her!)
So, I then cast-on for the other fingerless glove for a swap. Stuff that up twice, frog it back to the cast on, got it right but forgot to do the cable. Frog back to re-balling as well. I started Helena a while ago but I'd put one of the YO's in the wrong place and it was right in the front so I frogged that back and reballed it as well.
By this point I was seriously annoyed and had decided last night was NOT the night for knitting so I've balled everything back up and packed it all away.

Woolaholics is running a KAL (knit a long) with Helena so I will cast that on again tonight with the new Knitpicks needles (they are delicious by the way! I'm really impressed with them!). I'm taking the small people to Kid City tomorrow so I might get an hour or two of good knitting in while they tear around and wear themselves out - that's the plan anyway!
Oh and I cast on and finished the other glove during the day today without making a single mistake!

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Bells said...

for a simple project, the clap can be deceptive, can't it? I almost think it's because it's an hypnotic sort of project and you fall into thinking you don't have to think too much - but you do!

Glad you've got the knitpicks love. They rock!