Monday, June 30, 2008

Sick kids & simple living

So at lunch yesterday with my mum I commented on how well Charlotte has been and luckily we haven't encountered much illness this year. Well, not an hour later her family daycarer called for me to pick her up because her temp was 40.5 - not good. So I collected her and she then decided to have a convulsion in the car. Izaak had a few episodes of febrile convulsions as a baby/toddler so I knew what was happening but it was still scary! So we spent a few hours at A & E of the Canberra hospital yesterday afternoon and I have to say that all the nurses were just fantastic. They were clearly stretched with resources (especially staffing resources!) but everyone was great. She's home again and on some anti-biotics but we are heading off for an EEG just to check her brain is OK in about 2 weeks time.
The funny/strange/sadistic thing? While we were waiting I was thinking damn! I should have bought my knitting - could have gotten loads done!

On the fugal/simple living front I discovered a new wealth of information today - the down to earth blog with lots of other information and a recipe for homemade washing powder and other green cleaners which of course I discovered today because on the weekend I bought 10kg of commercial washing powder! I've also joined the Aussies Living Simply forum which looks like it's packed with lots of good reading material - yet another resource! Do you think the tide is turning? Away from materialistc/commerical ideas/values towards a more 'green' way of thinking? It just seems like there are so many people, so much information and so much interest out there about sustainable living. Anyway, I'm off to attempt to make a bag out of a teatowel thanks to tutorials here and here. Wish me luck!

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Janet McKinney said...

I have spent far more time than a human should at Canberra Hospital over the past 3 weeks - they are getting used to me and my knitting now. I had what I hope was the last visit last Monday - and really expected just a short visit, and didn't take knitting - and of course I had a 3 hour wait for results of a test to be sent through to the specialist. The nurse at Nuclear Imaging is a knit freak also!