Friday, June 27, 2008

Blogs, bump news, bikes & my bloody family!

What a fantastic Saturday! The kids actually let me sleep in for a change so I'm up and about feeling like a new woman! A wonderful Saturday as well as I woke up to a message that Georgie's bump has arrived! Nowhere near my prediction of July 4 but I did manage to get the gender right! Congratulations Georgie, Bertie and PJ on the new arrival to your family.

I think we'll be off in a few hours down to the park for a big bike ride - I'm getting a bit of cabin fever at the moment with the end of uni and all. I've just taken the training wheels off Izaaks bike so it might well be a short, frustrating, angry ride but I've got his scooter as well and Charlotte is still getting the hang of her new "big girl" bike. It's times like that when I feel so alone. When they have big achievements and I'm standing there with no one to share them with. Enoug of the whining and onto exciting news we are going to Circus Quirkus this afternoon - a circus performance which is presented by the Rotary club and the tickets are purchased by local businesses and then distributed to families with children who have special needs. This is the 2nd time we were lucky enough to get tickets. I haven't told the littlies though - it'll be a special surprise.

My family is going to be disowned soon - my biological father has torn the rotator cuff on his shoulder while at work so he will now need surgery and 6 months of rehabilitation. Mum has got a massive ear infection - to the point that the pain made her go up to A & E where they decided to put her on morphine! So she's pretty out of it at the moment and then I called my grandma who is sick with a cold/flu bug - Fingers crossed that they keep all those germs to themselves!

Last night I caught up on loads of blogs that I love reading and after following a link on quilting micks to crafty pod and from there to Eucalyptus Handmade where I found this cool little gadget which shows a new crafty site each day. Months ago I ordered a key fob off Ozebaby from a lady and last night I found her blog - yet another one to add to my ever-growing reading collection. I have started going to the Canberra knitters group - stitch and bitch - and I feel like I've discovered a whole new world of fantastic blogs, great people and a wonderful opportunity to get out and about without the kids for some crafty time, good conversation and a nice cuppa. And in other knitting news last night I finally finished the increase section of the clappy so am onto the straight repeats now and WOW the Bamboozle is so much easier to drop than the mohair! A big thanks to avalonne for trading me the rest of her Bamboozle - I'm not stressed about running out of yarn now!

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