Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shorter & Sweeter

Mum and I had our adventure to the theatre this afternoon to see Shorter & Sweeter which was fantastic. SPOILER ALERT - if you might/are going to see this in the future stop reading now....

Each of the plays was something totally different to the one before it and there were some that were funny, one was quite sad and I did get teary and the last one was funny but quite an eye opener as the whole thing is done nude. The beginning was a killer laugh too. It seemed like the show had started, actor on stage and started her dialogue when a phone rings. She looks annoyed and the woman who belongs to the phone gets up and walks out of the theatre talking on her phone. People around us and mum and I included quickly said how terrible it was and the actor was visibly shaken. She starts again. Another phone rings. She walks off stage. Comes back and we all applaud thinking how terrible it is that people have their phones on etc etc. Phone rings again. By now audience members are groaning and getting pretty cranky. The phone is actually the actors! and the whole thing is a set-up :-) It was fantastic! A funny and not-so-subtle message about mobile phones. It was a lovely afternoon with mum and we got some pamphlets on upcoming shows, quite a few of which interest me. Under 27s get quite a good discount as well ($40 full, $30 for under 27s) and one was even half price so I'm going to try and get to more shows before December 2009 which is when I'll be 27.
On the knitting front... I gave up on Boogie and have put her away for a bit while my frustration level lowers. I think I'm going to try this hat next to challenge myself with some stranded work. Might even cast it on tonight since for a change I actually have the right needles and I'm thinking this might be the perfect project for this handspun I picked up earlier this year at an exhibition and using white for the contrasting colour. Fingers crossed it turns out ok.


Kuka said...

Ooooh, the fake isle hat looks awesome! I think that handspun would be gorgeous!

Clare said...

How are you going for the aussie knitters swap on ravelry?

How many Hot water bottles have you got? Hmmmm?

Oh and on the housework front (I know where you are coming from) try It is helping me.

Bec said...

Kuka - you realise your squirrels are my inspiration?!? They are awesome - I have high expectations for the hat now!

Hi Clare! I've got 3 hot water bottles & none of them have got covers! The house has fallen apart a bit at the moment but that's ok and even expected as it's exam time at uni. I started Flylady but the mountains of emails kind of overwhelmed me. And on that note, I'm off to do more washing!

Bec said...

Clare - I just went over and checked out your blog. Can I change my swap thingie -- I've never ever had a pair of hand knitted socks and yours are just divine! *blushes & crosses fingers!*