Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday....

What a fantastic day!

Mum is off work this week because of her high blood pressure so we spent the day together which is great because generally I have the kids with me or my sister tags along so just the two of us was bliss!

I'm attempting my first ever woodworking DIY project - a box for the TV to sit on with space underneath for the DVD player. I've got the timber (pine) and dad's drill & screws but I need to go back to Bunnings in the next few days for a saw of some description!

We hit the op-shop today too - originally to drop-off some things that mum and dad didn't need from the move but as usual I found some things that were great bargains and that I thought would be useful. I've tried to be alot more careful lately about what I actually am spending this family's small amount of disposable income on and thinking about what we "need" as opposed to what we "want". Anyway, I digress - so although there were lots of clothes that were good prices (i.e $1 for all orange tags!) and were the sizes the kids need they really do have enough clothes so after walking around browsing and having quite a collection of things for them I put them back! I did get some Tupperware (1 large & 2 smaller round containers for $11) and a really nice green cabled jumper that is super warm and lovely to wear ($7) I do have to say though that my biggest bargain to date for this week would have to be my coat. Coming home from a friends the other day I called into the op-shop at Phillip and saw a red coat. Really excited I check the size.... 14... perfect.... check the tag.... $10.... perfect!! So I now have a black, grey and red coat for the winter & am pretty much set now.

A big thanks to my mum too - of course I am biased but she really is an amazing mum & nanna to the two little lovelies!! While out today, mum bought a set of towels for each of the kids, a set of sheets and a DVD for each of the kids! I hope that she realises how appreciated she is! Life would definitely be alot harder without her in our family. If that wasn't enough she's coming over tomorrow night to look after the lovelies so that I can go to stitch and bitch again. I really hope tha I am as close to my own children in a few years as I am to my mum through my adult life so far!

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