Monday, June 23, 2008

Some knitting...

Pics of stuff that I wanted to put up but couldn't find the cord for - firstly, a friend Meaghann has recently had a baby girl - Hazel - so here is her bubba gift, the previously mentioned confectionary shrug.

Secondly, a fave piccie of me with my wonderful little man who has been doing it tough recently. Last week he came home and told me that he had a headache and when I asked him why he said "because Mrs X hit me with a book on my head". Mrs X is the music teacher who is know to have a less than positive attitude towards special needs students. I spoke to his classroom teacher about it and 2 other children confirmed that it did in fact happen. Today was the 1st day back at music since the incident. We had a total meltdown this morning - to the point of vomiting. I debated not sending him to school today at all but I need him to learn that horrible things happen in the world and we just have to deal with them and keep going. I went to the AP and demanded that he not be sent to her class again. Luckily she was away today and he came home happy and smiling saying that he loved music because the teacher "was smiling and wasn't rude and cranky at me". If nothing is sorted on the issue before the end of the week I'm going to the education department. I am a cross between being absolutely furious and sad. Anyway, the lovely little man who makes me smile - well, most days anyway!

And finally, the progress on Mrs Toone's clappy - I'm really happy with how the colours are coming out although the yarn is quite splitty I'm sure it will be fantastic once the stitches start dropping. 3 repeats of the increase section done so far - I'm going to do 5 so hopefully the other 2 will get finished at SnB tonight.


Lou's Mum said...

OMG, I hope something happens with that teacher Bec! that's outrageous. I had a teacher in primary school who liked to throw her keys full-pelt at kids messing around in class. some people just shouldn't be around kids!

Michelle said...

That is just horrid, what happened to your son. Teachers should NOT be beating children, let alone with books. What a vile woman. I would definitely be taking it up with the education department regardless. Make her explain herself.

It was lovely to see you again last night! I hope you had fun.