Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thanks mum & dad

Our TV has been dying a slow and painful death - the sound went first then the picture started going a bit strange. DVD player also died :-(
Mum and Dad moved over the past week and bought some new appliances, furniture and stuff. I went to help them pick stuff and my wonderful, wonderful parents have bought the kids and I a new TV (one that actually works! yahoo!!) and a new DVD player (again... it actually functions!!). I also got a new, smaller crock pot which is great because the one that I have at the moment is too big and because it's only the 3 of us I never put enough food in there - the manual says that it should be half to 2/3 full to work optimally - but the new one is just the right size for my little family.
Thank you mum & dad !

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