Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My bad?

OK - I know what my previous post said but today something happened.

Izaak has had Mrs Toone as his teachers aide for 2 years now and she has gone well above and beyond her job description with my little man. She knows his love of movies so last school holidays actually dragged her husband along to the movies to see Bee Movie so that she would be aware of the characters, plots etc for when he came back to school. She brings in her personal resources (books, videos etc) for him frequently. She is just lovely. Middle aged with grown up children of her own she just loves him and the feeling is mutul.

Anyhow, I digress. Today I caught up with her and was chatting away when she told me that she and her husband are going overseas. For a month. To Europe. They will travel from Australia to Germany, through Italy and France, over to Ireland and Scotland then through Britain on their way home. She loves history and so while the trip is for her husbands work she will be going to see Troy, the replica trojan horse etc etc. So I was thinking it would be nice to make her something to take with her. I'm thinking of Clapotis given that I've only got about 8 weeks and I've still got exams and school holidays which means I won't get that much knitting time.

Still digressing.... I had to go to spotlight for more fabric for school pants for the boy when I just *had* to check out the yarn isle. And spotted some white baby layette on special. I couldn't help myself. I really couldn't. 5 balls of it were calling to me -perfect for clappy and I could dye it as well. She has amazing blue eyes and always wears blue clothing or earings so I'm thinking a blue/teal sort of colourway...

I got home and realised I've dyed yarn before but always 100% wool. Layette is 20% cotton, 80% bamboo so I'm not sure how to go about getting some colour in there. Off to investigate...


Bells said...

I think I know Mrs Toone. I used to live where you do!

It would be lovely to make a clap for her. Can't believe you want to make another one so soon!

Lis said...

you could dye it, but you'd need procion dyes :)
that's such a lovely idea, I'm sure she'll love it.