Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a day!

Although school holidays don't officially start until this Friday Izaak tires towards the end of the term and it's a struggle to get him to school, struggle to get him to do any work - just struggles all around really which isn't good for anyone so he finished school for the term on Friday so today was the first day of holidays for him. I'm really looking forward to the one-on-one time we'll get together this week while Charlotte is still at daycare before we head off on holidays next week. Izaak and Charlotte were in charge of lunch yesterday - they cut everything up, set the table and we all helped ourselves to lunch. Charlotte thought she was just the cleverest thing ever!

I also finally balled up the yarn that I dyed earlier in the week and I'm really liking it. I was trying to get more of a teal than the forest green that came out but overall I'm really happy and think that this *might* be a scarf clappy for myself ? any other ideas?

I didn't need anything but thought I might check out the 20% off at Spotlight today in case something caught my eye that I just HAD to have. Similarly to the toy sale issue I got there, walked in the front door and realised that I shouldn't have even gone. So we hopped in the car and headed off to The Shearing Shed for Noro for Mrs Toone's clappy v2.0. Not sure if I'm just slow on the news but the shop is for sale? They have a sign up in the window to say the business is for sale.

I went to the post office today expecting my power & gas bills which are due any day now but instead I got the most wonderful surprise - my Knitpicks Harmony interchangeable set arrived - woohoooo. I can't wait to get started with these little lovelies and I'm really impressed with the customer service I received from Kelly at Dyelicious - she was a pleasure to deal with and was really helpful. I'll definitely be buying from her again!

Izaak and I, celebrating the first day of our holidays, went to have lunch with my mum at her work and as we were walking into the staff room I spotted their lemon tree which is just starting to fruit so I am having lemon pie tonight with these little beauties...

After leaving Manuka with the Noro I thought we'd pop into the op-shop at Fyshwick where last time I went I scored a cone of 5ply Bendigo yarn for a bargain. Had a look at the upstairs bit of the shop but nothing took my fancy and then as we were walking out I noticed a sign to the 'bargain basement' so we went to check it out and as soon as we walked in the door Izaak spots a massive table of toys and is immediately off and checking them all out. I had a look at the kitchen stuff and found another cute little jug - we have HEAPS of jugs but the kids are constantly using them for water at the table, milk for their cereal, prentend tea parties - then spotted it - a lovely little dolls house. In my other posts I've talked about my challenge to make/buy handmade/buy 2nd hand gifts this year and it seemed perfect for Charlotte's birthday. It does need a touch of paint and I will put a new door handle on it and ask dad if he can put a new strip of wood on the top but in November, when the little lady turns 3 she will be unwrapping this on her special day...So I feel pretty happy at this point - a sturdy wooden dollshouse for $15 ;-) Then I spot a cardboard box on the floor underneath the table that is full of wooden dollshouse furniture. Again, it does need cleaning up but a good dust-out and it will all be as good as new. So by now I'm over the moon - talked to the op-shop guy and for $30 I bought the dolls house, all the furniture, 5mts of elastic, a toy for the boy, the jug and a plate. Not bad I say.

So it's 1:48pm and that's been my day so far - never a dull moment in this place!

I wanted to thank everyone who has been leaving comments on here too - it makes me feel like I'm 'talking' to someone as opposed to just rambling away to myself. This blog has been a great outlet over the past little while and I really feel like it's helped me move forward and into my bright, new, happy future - thanks for being part of it!


Janet McKinney said...

Awww - I was at Manpower on Friday in the Bargain Basement, and didn't see the Dolls House - probably better you get it for your daughter than to satisfy my (nearly) 50 year old fascination for dolls....

Well done - I picked up a heap of material there on Friday for $5. It was so good.

Lou's Mum said...

Great score with the doll's house! that's almost exactly like the one at our playgroup facility. Marcus plays with it all the time LOL

Bella said...

Great work spotting the dolls house and then the furniture too!! I am sure Miss C will adore it. Loving reading your blog too - you are giving me inspiration to get some knitting lessons and start knitting!

Bel P2P