Sunday, June 29, 2008


I worked hell for leather on the clappy tonight - 6 repeats of the straight sections done and I'm celebrating that I'm half way through and going great guns on the timing of this one and then BANG I realise that I've made a mistake! Argh! The stitches aren't dropping in the right places, I started purling some of them but then decided I didn't like putting the yarn in fron then behind, then in front so switched back to the pattern and now it's all messed up and I'm seriously cranky!
So tomorrow I'm off to The Shearing Shed to get another ball of Noro to match the one in the stash and will cast on yet another clappy in the scarf style though. Either that or will cast on yet again with the yarn that I dyed up earlier this week and will keep the Bamboozle version, complete with mistakes for myself since I do like the yarn and I can live with the mistakes on myself but can't quite bring myself to gift it with mistakes.


Bells said...

I feel your pain. I got half way through the last decreases and realised I was only dropping stitches on one side, not both. Idiot.

Kuka said...

ooooh BUM!!!! =(