Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boogie is done!!

Last night I finished the knitting of my Boogie vest ... and .... well...

I don't like it :-(

I made a mistake and had cast of the wrong end because I had made an earlier mistake in 0ne of the side cables so I undid the left side right back to the split and re-knit it. Then made the cast off mistake so fixed that. But I don't like the way that the front just sort of flops? I've taken some piccies but I can't find the cord for the camera so will upload them soon.

Anyway, I'm seeing mum today so will seek some more opinions on what to do from here but there are a few really nice ones on Rav that have used a V neck and decreased up the sides so I'm thinking about frogging back to the split and doing that. I HATE frogging, it is so depressing but I think it will be worth it. Unfortunately I'm one of those people who can't overlook the little bits that didn't come out how I wanted them too so I figure I'm better off frogging and going with the V than keeping it the way that it is and being unhappy with it.

So here it is....

On the uni front... I did my assessment yesterday for the clinical aspects of this semester and I scored P1's and P2's which I was really happy with. 2 P3's but that is more to do with the placement (community) that I was in rather than my skills/abilities which my assessor wrote on the form so that was good. Now I've just got 3 exams (12, 18 & 23rd of June) then I'm a free woman for a few weeks!

Oh and the preferences for next semester came out - paed's, perioperative or psych unit. I'll be happy wherever I go but would dearly love to get paeds as I'm doing a child and adolescent health unit and I think it would tie in really well but I just have to wait and see....

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