Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stash stocktake

Haven't blogged for a few days now - I have been really crazy busy with my exam this week. Thank goodness it's over! 1 more to go now - Acute Care -Adult is next Monday and I've worked out I'm currently sitting on 38% so I need 12 marks off this exam - I'm hoping it will be ok because if I fail that unit I can't go on in the program with my prac placements so fingers crossed!
I have updated my stash on Ravelry this week. I cleaned up all the spotlight & lincraft bags, tubs, green bags and various other places that I had things stashed. I don't have as much as I first thought and lots of it is designated to particular projects but seeing it all there together certainly brings things into perspective. I won't be buying yarn for a while now!! These are a few things in the stash (from top to bottom) Panda Soft 8ply - I love the color of this yarn and I *think* it will be a ribbed tank for summer. 12ply (can't find the ballband right now!) this is the leftovers from my Boogie vest which will be a beanie for the young man - pattern is yet to be decided. 8 balls of Lincraft Prism - any ideas?? Lincraft Cosy wool - maybe a pair of Thuja socks? or with some contrasting yarn for longies? Not sure yet.


Georgie said...

Cosy wool felts like a demon, just so you know! I love the colour of the Panda soft too.

Maybe I should clean out my stash and see if there's not as much as I thought was there! Sadly, I think it wont work out that nicely....

Bells said...

oh lovely stash enhancement!

Good luck with the last exam.